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          Fastest way to fill sandbags... It's a good thing you're here. Be prepared in case of flooding in !

          The Fastest way to fill sandbags!


          The Fastest way to fill sandbags!

          FILL SANDBAGS FASTER...Fill 480 bags in the time it takes to fill 90, that's 500% faster!


          A new and simple solution to an old problem!The Heavy Duty,one person sand bag filling tool... Fill sandbags 500% faster and easier!!
          Saves Time
          Saves Money
          Saves Property
          Saves Manpower
          Increases Yield
          Reduces Injury
          Easy To Use
          Heavy duty & Rugged
          stacks/Stores Easily

          Its a documented fact - proven time & time again...
          GoBagger is the fastest most efficient way to fill a sandbag
          See this Cost/Value Analysis

          1 Person Does 5X The Work!
          Dollar for dollar, pound for pound... NO other sandbag filling tool or device of any kind - be it machine, holder or hopper offers the combination of speed, portability, simplicity, ease-of-use, versatility & cost effectiveness of the HEAVY DUTY GoBagger- The faster way to fill sandbags.

          FILL SANDBAGS 500% FASTER....

          THE PROS KNOW...

          WATCH THIS!

          WORK SMARTER - NOT HARDER! The one person sandbag filling tool.

          Since the beginning... if you wanted to fill sandbags in a  flood emergency, it was a two man job...one to hold the bag and one to shovel sand into the bag. It  takes three to four shovel loads which is way too slow and tedious.




          2 people with GoBaggers can bag 480 bags an hour!!!


          2 people with one shovel can bag 90 bags an hour.
          SEE DEMO

          GET YOURS TODAY...


          With this innovative & Heavy Duty Sandbag Tool, each worker can now fill sandbags faster and more efficiently. That's vital when flood waters are rising.Do the math... Take the number in your work force and multiply
          5X  - i.e. 5=25, 10=50, 25=125, 100=500 and so on.DOWNLOAD OUR FLYER & CUT SHEET


          The GoBagger is the ultimate GO TO flood fighting tool. Now one man can do the work of many... fill sandbags more efficiently, faster, safer, and less tediously!
          We welcome your comments and questions... if you would like to know more about our company or have something to say please contact us.
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          the world forward

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          The GoBagger Heavy Duty Sandbag Filling Tool is used and endorsed by the US National Guard, US Army, Navy, Air Force Reserve,  Levee & Reclamation Districts, Fire Departments, State Highway Dept., Environmental Geotextile Contractors, Trenching Contractors, Highway Construction Contractors, Plant Managers, Municipal Public Works, State Water and Flood Agencies, The Army Corps of Engineers and many more... Worldwide!

          The GoBagger has been designated as a Grainger Choice Product that delivers value and quality, brought to you by Grainger. Made in The USAThe GoBagger has been designated as a Grainger Choice Product that delivers value and quality, brought to you by Grainger. Proudly made in The USA




          The Fastest way to fill sandbags!


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